Insertion of Immediate Dental Implant after Dental Extraction. Case Report

2008 • Volume 2 • Issue 1

Ortega, Lopes Rafael; Chaves-Netto, de Miranda Enrique Duque; Rodrigues-Chessa, Jaime Giuseppe & Mazzonneto, Renato



Success of a dental reimplant after its avulsion is related to the storage and manipulation of itself as well as the time passed from the trauma to the attendance. After two hours post-trauma, possibilities of failure could increase considerably. The implantology is an alternative for the substitution of the avulsioned element which reimplantation prognosis is reserved. The present work relates a case of a masculine patient, aged 18 that search for care with previous history of dental extraction of element 11 due to an automobile accident happened two days before attendance. The clinical and radiographic examination showed no fracture in the vestibular wall, being intact. Due to the time passed from the trauma, the dental reimplant was discarded and the installation of a dental implant using the semi-submerged technique and preparing a removable provisional prosthesis to recover the aesthetic and the maintenance of adjacent papilla. After two months was performed the second stage of the surgery and the installation of the fixed provisory prosthesis for the gingival adaptation. Passed 45 days the definitive prosthesis was installed. It was concluded that the treatment with dental implant is a good alternative for the substitution of avulsioned teeth that had a poor care that contraindicates their reimplantation.

KEY WORDS: dental avulsion, immediate implant, dental trauma.


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LOPES, O. R.; CHAVES-NETTO, M. D.; RODRIGUES-CHESSA, G. J. & MAZZONETTO, R. Insertion of immediate dental implant after dental extraction. Case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 2(1):33-38, 2008.


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