Evaluation of Dimensional Changes in Width and Height of the Alveolar Bone Ridge Using the Osseodensification Technique In Posterior Maxillary. Report of a Case Series

2023 • Volume 17 • Issue 1

Sebastián Cisternas Covarrubias; Martín Sánchez Varela & Claudio Brenner Agosín



In order to treat areas of incipient bone tissue with dental implants and minimize the use of more invasive techniques, osseodensification (OD) is a technique performed using Densah® drills, designed to increase bone density by displacing and condensing the bone tissue surrounding the drill. To determine the dimensional changes in width and height of the alveolar bone ridge (ABR) in posterior regions of the maxilla using the OD technique, 3 months after surgery. Imaging evaluations were performed by Cone-Beam-CT (preoperative and at least 3 months postoperative) in 9 patients, in whom 10 implants were installed, divided according to mediate and immediate installation. In both groups, the width of the ABR was measured both at the marginal level, using the vestibular osseous ridge plane (VOR) as a reference, and 4 mm apical to the VOR plane. The height of the ROA was also measuredin relation to the VOR plane and the maxillary sinus floor (MSF). Comparisons were performed by student t-test paired-samples statistical analysis. Imaging data showed a value of p<0.05 for bone expansion, both in width (mediated implants only, mean 2.11±1.66 mm) and height in relation to PSM (mediated and immediate implants, means of 2.28±2.21 and 1.88±1.82 respectively). The OD technique proved to be effective in generating an increase in width of dental implants mediated at the level of the VOR plane and in height of the ABR (mediated and immediate implants).

KEY WORDS: Osseodensification, ridge expansion, dental implants.


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CISTERNAS, C. S.; SÁNCHEZ, V. M. & BRENNER, A. C. Evaluation of dimensional changes in width and height of the alveolar bone ridge using the osseodensification technique in posterior maxillary. Report of a case series. Int. J. Odontostomat., 17(1):55-63, 2023.


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