Periodontal Therapy by Enamel Matrix-derived Protein and Bone Allograft

2011 • Volume 5 • Issue 3

Gustavo Alfonso Martínez López; Lizette Llamosa Cañez; Víctor Javier Beltrán Varas; Mario Cantín & Ramón Fuentes Fernández



We describe the periodontal treatment in a bone defect located mesial to the 2.3 tooth, using combination therapy of enamel matrix derivate (EMD) and mineralized bone allograft. We evaluated the affected area and planned their surgical approach to combination therapy. Six months after treatment it showed a significant reduction in probing depth and gain in attachment levels and bone filling of the defect in the radiographic evaluation. These results confirm the effectiveness of the EMD and the mineralized bone allograft in periodontal regenerative therapy.

KEY WORDS: proteins of enamel matrix, allograft bone, periodontal regeneration.


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MARTÍNEZ, G.; LLAMOSA, L.; BELTRÁN, V.; CANTÍN, M. & FUENTES, R. Periodontal therapy by enamel matrix-derived protein and bone allograft.Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(3):279-286, 2011.


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