Ximena Lee M.; Leyla Gómez C.; Cristian Vergara N.; Elizabeth Astorga B.; Nataly Cajas C. & Mariana Ivankovic S.


Denture stomatitis (DS) is a change of the support mucous of diverse severity that can get clinically complex with the presence of yeasts of the Candida genus (YCG). Individual's factors of the oral and microorganism environment favor the infection, which can evolve to hyperplasic lesions if not treated early. The aims were to establish clinical-microbiological relationship between YCG and DS species, associate systematic conditions (SC) prevalent of patients using prosthesis with presence and quantity of YCG and effect on DS severity; and associate local factors: continuous use of prosthesis and age of the prosthesis (AP), with YCG prevalence and DS severity. An analytical observational study was performed in 93 patients, average age 67 years old, 26% male and 74% female, treated at the Removable Prosthesis Area (Facultad de Odontología, Universidad de Chile), selected according to inclusion criteria and signature of informed consent. The unstimulated saliva and oral mucous sample recollection was performed considering the study's variables. The microscopic analysis allowed to check macro morphologically YCG compatible colonies development. For the statistical analysis, ANOVA and Kruskall Wallis tests were used. There is a microbiological clinical relationship between the presence of YCG and DS. The increase of YCG is related to the severity of DS. The dominant species is Candida albicans over not albicans. The presence of both is associated with the increase of DS severity. By associating the SC, a relation with depression is observed, but not with arterial hypertension and mellitus diabetes. As for the continuous local prosthetic factors and AP, a relationship exists between AP and presence of YCG in patients with DS, without statistical differences between YCG and continuous prosthetic use in patients with DS.

KEY WORDS: denture, stomatitis, Candida.

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LEE, X.; GÓMEZ, C. L.; VERGARA, N. C.; ASTORGA, B. E.; CAJAS, C. N. & IVANKOVOC, S. M. Association between presence of Candida yeasts and elderly patient factors with and without denture stomatitis. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(2):279-285, 2013.