Jean Paulo Rodolfo Ferreira; Paula Caetano Araújo; Marcos Tadeu Adas Saliba; Renata Bianco Consolaro & Cléa Adas Saliba Garbín


Pemphigus vulgaris is an autoimmune disease, normally associated with oral lesions that generally affects patients aged 40 - 60 years. The aim of this study was to report a case of pemphigus vulgaris presenting at an uncommon age with advanced periodontal disease, and to describe the treatment performed from the time of diagnosis through oral environment restoration and follow-up monitoring. One gingival vesicular lesion was biopsied. After the histological confirmation of pemphigus vulgaris, the patient was referred to a specialist for treatment of this systemic disease. With the improvement of the patient’s clinical condition, teeth were extracted and oral rehabilitation was performed. The patient is being followed and is taking the appropriate medication. A direct immunofluorescence test was performed, but the patient had already started treatment with immunosuppressive medication at the time of the perilesional biopsy. The result of this test was negative. Pemphigus vulgaris manifests as extremely painful and persistent oral lesions. Thus, patient motivation to maintain oral health, preventive measures and the promotion of oral health, should be prioritized to avoid the worsening of the patient’s systemic condition.

KEY WORDS: periodontal diseases, pemphigus, autoimmune diseases, adolescent, pathology.

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FERREIRA, J. P. R.; ARAÚJO, P. C.; SALIBA, M. T. A.; CONSOLARO, R. B. & GARBÍN, C. A. S. Pemphigus vulgaris in adolescence: a case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(2):215-220, 2013.