Kiran Kumar; Giju Baby George; Sheeba Padiyath & Rupak S.


Odontoameloblastoma is a rare neoplasm of odontogenic origin in which there is proliferation of tissue of the odontogenic apparatus in an unrestrained pattern including complete morphodifferentiation, apposition and even calcification. Till date, around 20 cases have fulfilled the histologic criteria of the current World Health Organization histologic classification of odontogenic tumors. Review of literature from 1944 to 2011 reveals only four reported cases in the anterior mandible. Here, we report a case of odontoameloblastoma in the anterior mandible in which plexiform ameloblastoma was associated with compound odontoma forming an unusual combination.

KEY WORDS: odontoameloblastoma, compound odontoma, composite odontoma.

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KUMAR, K.; GEORGE, G. B.; PADIYATH, S. & RUPAK, S. Odontoameloblastoma: A diagnostic dilemma for maxillofacial radiologist. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(2):203-206, 2013.