Rodrigo Badilla; Rolando Carrasco; Erita Cordero & Cristóbal Pacheco


A schwannoma is a benign neurogenic tumour originating from schwannocyte of the nerve sheat. A 25% of all schwannomas are seen in the tissues of the head and neck and only a 1% of them are located in oral cavity, especially in tongue. We report the case of a 13 year old girl diagnosed with a schwannoma of the tongue. The purpose of this report is to empathize that schwannoma of the tongue is a differential diagnostic to consider among all other lingual lesions in children or adolescents.

KEY WORDS: neurilemmoma, tongue, adolescent.

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BADILLA, R.; CARRASCO, R.; CORDERO, E. & PACHECO, C. Schwannoma of the tongue in an adolescent: a short literature review apropos of a case. nt. J. Odontostomat., 7(2):199-201, 2013.