Ilich Vargas F.; Cristopher Mayer O.; Percival Hervozo S. & Eduardo Navia G.


The Cemento-ossifying fibroma (COF) is a benign fibro-osseous neoplasm of odontogenic origin, that is preferentially localized in the molar and premolar mandibular area. Our goal is to present cases of COF that occurred within the same family, describing clinical, radiological and histological characteristics, in addition to treatment and monitoring of each case.Two patients who are brothers, treated at the Hospital de Carabineros, who had mandibular COF, were included in this study. The complete evolution of each case is presented, highlighting the family component of this uncommon disease. All patients were treated with complete removal of the lesion and filling the bone defect with autologous iliac crest graft or synthetic particulated bone graft (ChronOS®). One patient had recurrence of the injury and then presented a new COF on the contralateral side. In this type of injury it is very important to use all the diagnostic tools within our reach. The rarity of these lesions, and the great similarity of both clinical, radiological and histological features with other pathological conditions of the jaws, and a poorly conducted study can lead to wrong diagnosis and treatment affecting the quality of life of patients. The treatment of these lesions is conservative, and relapses are rare.

KEY WORDS: fibroma, benign neoplasm, bone graft, differential diagnosis.

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VARGAS, F. I.; MAYER, O. C.; HERVOZO, S. P. & NAVIA, G. E. Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma: Clinical, Radiological and Histological analysis of 2 cases in one family. Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(3):270-278, 2011.