Iris Adilene Martínez-Cortez; Vianey Jahayra Martínez-Mejía; Guillermo Amezcua-Rosas; Rogelio Gonzalez-Gonzalez; Gil Carreon-Burciaga; Marcelo Gomez Palacio-Gastelum & Ronell Bologna-Molina


It is important, the dentist should be prepared in early detection of any lesion of the oral cavity, specially, if there is a premalignant lesion. The dentist is the health professional that first has contact with the mouth of the patient. Therefore preserving the health of dental organs and all tissues of the mouth. The case we report, is a 72 year old male who presented at the dermatological institute of Jalisco, “Dr. Jose Barba Rubio, with an ulcerated exophytic lesion of approximately five years of development, surgical excision is performed, the histopathological diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma, well differentiated originated in the oral cavity, the latter invading soft tissue and skin. The patient was referred to the Instituto Jalisciense de Cancerología, to continue treatment.

KEY WORDS: squamous cell carcinoma, malignant neoplasms, prognosis, diagnosis, histopathology, treatment.

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MARTÍNEZ-CORTEZ, I. A.; MARTÍNEZ-MEJÍA, V. J.; AMEZCUA-ROSAS, G.; GONZALEZ-GONZALEZ, R.; CARREON-BURCIAGA, G.; PALACIO-GASTELUM, M. G. & BOLOGNA-MOLINA, R. Delayed diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma in the mouth. Case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(3):240-244, 2011.