Víctor Javier Beltrán Varas; Pedro Flores Bengoechea; Nerilda García Alarcón; Mario Cantín & Ramón Fuentes Fernández


Impacted teeth present many problems. They can compromise tooth movement, esthetics, and functional outcomes. After the maxillary third molar, the maxillary canines are the most commonly encountered impaction, which can be impacted buccally or palatally, and are more common in female patients than in male patients. With a well-managed surgical and orthodontic treatment, impacted maxillary canines can be erupted and guided to an appropriate location in the dental arch. This article presents a surgical-orthodontic case of maxillary canine impacted buccally in an adult woman, treated with the closed technique for preservation of papillae.

KEY WORDS: impacted maxillary canine, surgical technique, orthodontic technique.

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BELTRÁN, V. V. J.; FLORES, B. P.; GARCÍA, A. N.; CANTÍN, M. & FUENTES, F. R. Surgical approach of vestibular position impacted maxillary canine for orthodontic traction: case report and literature review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 5(3):220226, 2011.