Trigeminal Neuralgia Secondary to Meningioma in the Petroclinoid Ligament: a Case Report

2007 • Volume 1 • Issue 2

Schneeberger, Lozano Daniela Constanza; Suazo, Galdames Iván Claudio; Cantín, López Mario & Muñoz, Cortés Rodrigo Mauricio



The trigeminal neuralgia is a pathology that is characterized by a paroxictic pain before innocuous stimuli, mainly tactile and that it affects one of the divisions of the trigeminal nerve. In this article we present a case of secondary trigeminal neuralgia, due to meningioma of the petroclinoid ligament and a brief revision of the literature.

KEY WORDS: trigeminal nerve, trigeminal neuralgia, meningioma.


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SCHNEEBERGER, L. D. C.; SUAZO, G. I. C.; CANTÍN, L. M.; MUÑOZ, C. R. M. Trigeminal neuralgia secondary to meningioma in the petroclinoid ligament: a case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 1(2):157-159, 2007.


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