Topographic Analysis of the Surface of Commercially Pure Titanium Implants by Scanning Electronic Microscopy

2013 • Volume 7 • Issue 1

Santana Sardinha, Sandra de Cássia; Lanata-Flores, Antonio Gabriel; Pozzer, Leandro; Cavalieri-Pereira, Lucas; Olate, Sergio; Albergaria-Barbosa, José Ricardo



The aim of this research is to analyze the pure titanium dental implant surface. An 8 implant device of Conexão – Sistema de Próteses; Lifecore – Biomedical; AS Technology y S – Serson Internacional was selected. The simple presented surface treatment with acid attack or titanium plasma spray, being analyzed in 4 groups with two implants in each. Those analyzed were realized with a scanning electron microscope showing the topography and structure between different part of the implant. It was concluded that all implant systems show surface roughness with differences in the micromorphology among all implant groups.

KEY WORDS: dental implant, titanium, scanning electronic microscopy.


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SARDINHA, S. C. S.; LANATA-FLORES, A. G.; POZZER, L.; CAVALIERI.PEREIRA, L.; OLATE, S. & ALBERGARIABARBOSA, J. R. Topographic analysis of the surface of commercially pure titanium implants by scanning electronic microscopy. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(1):125-131, 2013.


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