Quality of Life and Maxillary Defects: A Cross-Sectional Study

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 1

Denise Moral Nakamura; Marina Leite Pimentel; Neide Pena Coto & Reinaldo Brito e Dias



There has been little discussion about the quality of life of patients with maxillary defects. This article evaluates the issues related to the condition. We performed a cross-sectional study of patients with maxillary defects from referral centers in Brazil. To avoid subject burden, a questionnaire was developed, based on questions from seven instruments, which dealt with domains and conclusions that were similar to those from other studies. The predictor variable was the patients’ score for each question. The outcome measure was the presence of the best-ranked items on the questionnaire as the impact factor. Six experts assessed these items and suggested which questions to include or exclude. Patients scored each item according to its occurrence and importance. Descriptive statistics and the items’ rank according to the impact factor were computed to determine whether there is a comprehensive instrument available. Thirteen patients and six professionals were included in this study. The patients’ age ranged from 24 to 72 years (mean (standard deviation, SD), 50.41 (14.46) years). We obtained a 60-item instrument from the selected questionnaires and subject interviews. Only 12 (37.5 %) out of the 32 best-rated items were verified by the existing instruments, two (6.25 %) were suggested by professionals and 18 (56.25 %) were conclusions from other studies. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to provide many features related to the quality of life in patients with maxillary defects.

KEY WORDS: maxillofacial prosthesis, quality of life, maxillary diseases, maxillary neoplasms, palatal obturators.


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NAKAMURA, D. M.; PIMENTEL, M. L.; COTO, N. P. & DIAS, R. B. Quality of life and maxillary defects: A cross-sectional study. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(4):67-7, 2020.


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