Pathological Evaluation by Microtomography of Ranula. Clinical Case Report

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 2

Ellen dos Santos; Walas Cazassa Vieira & Fabiano Luiz Heggendorn



This study aims to demonstrate, through a clinical case report, the applicability of the use of microtomography (µCT) in the histopathological evaluation of a ranula lesion on the oral floor and to evaluate the use of 2 % elemental iodine solution as a contrast agent, in order to obtain a better contrast effect in a tissue sample, thus facilitating the identification of anatomical structures, the histomorphological evaluation and the potential use of µCT in the imaging diagnosis of lesions. Different parameters were evaluated for obtaining images in SkyScan 1172, in a biopsied piece, when impregnated in a 10 % formalin solution and in a 2 % elemental iodine solution, when impregnated for 24h and 48h. Contrast agent impregnation was evaluated using the Hounsfield unit. The use of µCT allowed the identification of sialoliths dispersed inside the biopsy specimen, while the impregnation with Elemental iodine 2 % for 24h resulted in a better contrast when compared to the other conditions. The use of the Hounsfield unit allowed an adequate evaluation of the contrast obtained when the different parameters of impregnation and image acquisition were applied. The comparison between the 3D images with and without a specific marker highlighted a better evidencing of the soft tissues, with an improvement in the contrast of the images, also allowing the identification of the glandular duct obstructed by the sialoliths, allowing a conclusive histopathological evaluation of the biopsied lesion.

KEY WORDS: ranula, X-ray microtomography, impregnation.


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DOS SANTOS, E.; VIEIRA, W. C. & HEGGENDORN, F. L. Pathological evaluation by microtomography of ranula – clinical case report. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(2):214-221, 2022.


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