Orales Lesions in Soft Tissues of a School Population in Mexico City

2018 • Volume 12 • Issue 2

Tomás Caudillo Joya; María del Pilar Adriano Anaya & Pilar Alejandra Caudillo Adriano



The aim of the study was to identify the distribution and frequency of oral injuries in soft tissues in a school population of six to twelve year-old children, in ten elementary schools of the Iztapalapa delegation in Mexico city. The study type was descriptive, transversal and observational and was carried out in a sample of 2394 schoolchildren from six to twelve years of age, with prior consent signature from the parents or guardians. The information was captured in the software SPSS vesion 17.0. Of the schoolchildren participating in the study, 85.6 % were found to be free of soft tissue injuries. Traumatic injuries were the most frequent as 183 of them (7.75), presented in the cheek, lip or tongue. Studies that identify lesions in soft tissues in school children are important because they are beneficial in establishing specific control and prevention programs in these populations. Statistical significant differences were found between sexes, distribution and site of oral injuries in soft tissues of the population studied.

KEY WORDS: soft tissues; mucosa; school children; epidemiology.


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CAUDILLO, J. C.; ADRIANO, A. M. P. & CAUDILLO, A. P. A. Oral lesions in soft tissues of a school population in Mexico City. Int. J. Odontostomat., 12(2):177-181, 2018.


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