Levels of Stress and Bruxism During the Pandemic COVID-19 in University Students and Athletes Assessed Virtually

2022 • Volume 16 • Issue 3

Celia Elena Mendiburu-Zavala; David Aarón Collí-González; Pedro Ernesto Lugo-Ancona; & Ricardo Peñaloza-Cuevas



Stress is a normal reaction in humans. When it is maintained for a log time, it could cause imbalances in the systems, such as in the stomatognathic, presenting itself as a parafunction called bruxism, externalizing as a clenching, grinding or both, bringing negative oral repercussions. College students and high-performance athletes are more exposed to stress. The objective was to correlate stress levels with bruxism during the pandemic in university students and athletes who requested the Comprehensive Health Care Unit (UAIS in spanish) service at home virtually from the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY in spanish), Mexico, January-April-2021, Observational, correlational, analytical, prospective, cross-sectional study. Sample of 66 university students and athletes who requested the serice virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, to whom two instruments were applied: the Perceived Stress Scale (PPS) by Cohen et al. (1983) and the instrument for the measurement of bruxism elaborated and adapted by PhD Celia Elena del Perpetuo Socorro Mendiburu-Zavala, presented some leve lof perceived stress, 83.3 % (n=55). Regarding bruxism, 86.4 % (n=57) had presence of it. It was identified that men are more affected tan women. It is observed reflected in sleep bruxism and in non-athletes. It is concluded that there is a relationship between stress and bruxism in students and athletes.

KEY WORDS: Stress, bruxism, COVID-19, high-performance athletes, college students


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MENDIBURU-ZAVALA, C. E.; COLLÍ-GONZÁLEZ, D. A.; LUGO-ANCONA, P. E.; & PEÑALOZA-CUEVAS, R. Levels of stress and bruxism during the pandemic COVID-19 in university students and athletes. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(3):403-411, 2022.


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