Influence of Maternal Satisfaction with the Dentist in Children’s Oral Care: Cross-Sectional Study

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 2

Lilian Rigo; Monica Gnoatto; José Lucas Sani de Alcântara Rodrigues; Walbert de Andrade Vieira; Vinícius Henrique Ferreira Pereira-de-Oliveira & Luiz Renato Paranhos



Childhood is a period of life when the human being is constantly going through progressive steps of psychosocial, physical, and mental development. The quality of hygiene habits of family members will be reflected on the characteristics and attitudes of children, which significantly increases the responsibility of the family in oral hygiene education. The present study aimed to observe the influence of maternal satisfaction with the dentist in children’s oral care. This is a cross-sectional design, which sample included 100 mothers from a city in Southern Brazil. From a questionnaire prepared for this purpose and adapted from previous research, the mothers were interviewed from January to July 2015. The results presented showed that most mothers work outside the home (46.4 %) but monitor their children during toothbrushing (50.7 %). For most mothers, the dentist represents satisfaction (37.1 %) and the main reason for seeking the dentist is oral health (44.3 %). It was found that mothers who encourage their children to use dental floss and monitor them during toothbrushing are the mothers who feel satisfied with the dentist (P < 0.05). In addition, mothers know that caries is a disease and its occurrence is related to diet habits, however, they add chocolate milk and sugar to their children’s bottle. Thus, it was concluded that satisfaction with the dentist influences mothers on oral hygiene habits adopted by their children regarding the use of dental floss and toothbrushing monitoring.

KEY WORDS: dentists, mothers, oral health, oral hygiene, patient satisfaction.


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RIGO, L.; GNOATTO, M.; RODRIGUES, J. L. S. A.; VIEIRA, W. A.; PEREIRA-DE-OLIVEIRA, V. H. F. & PARANHOS, L. R. Influence of maternal satisfaction with the dentist in children’s oral care: cross-sectional study. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(2):172179, 2019.


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