How Does Assessment a Critical Article about Dental Treatment?

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 2

Daniela Zavando M.; Nicole Ávila A. & Iván Claudio Suazo Galdames



Gradually we have seen how the paradigm of evidence-based medicine (EBM) has been adopted in different areas of knowledge. The Evidence-based medicine, provides a range of instruments and ways to assess the available literature, ensuring that information is obtained from the most valid and best possible quality standard. Dentistry should be part of this way of doing science. At present, we see that each year more articles in the area and sometimes controversial conclusions we find among them, making it increasingly difficult to decide to clinical conduct questions arising from work. The aim of this study is to use the Guide to critical reading articles on therapy, as a practical assessment tool, provided by the EBM, an example of the dental field, so that users of dental literature, deem their application a daily basis, assisting in making clinical decisions in an informed manner.

KEY WORDS: evidence-based medicine, critical guide to articles on treatment, odontology, therapy.


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ZAVANDO, M. D.; ÁVILA, A. N. & SUAZO, G. I. C. How does assessment a critical article about dental treatment?. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(2):149-153, 2009.


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