Forensic Dentistry I: Bite Marks

2013 • Volume 7 • Issue 1

Fonseca, Gabriel M; Briem-Stamm, Alan D; Cantín, Mario; Lucena, Joaquín; Bentkovski, Agustín



Among the forensic dental identification, the analyses of bite marks have represented a current, relevant and controversial topic. The uniqueness of the dentition, the accuracy of bite marks on skin and the analytical techniques have been severely questioned because of the relevant casuistry of wrongful convictions. While the specialized and more current literature offers a permanent review on protocols and standards for verifying expertise, the Spanish literature does not keep pace with this situation, with scanty updating of procedures, primary investigation or case reports. Since these analyses have been modified in their bases, a proper update of Spanish literature to allow the adjustment of their axioms is needed. We present a chronological review of cases and inferential issues in bite mark analysis as judicial evidence, and the new epistemological postulates for the forensic significance of this type of evidence are discussed.

KEY WORDS: forensic dentistry, bite mark, bite mark analysis, wrongful convictions.


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FONSECA, G. M.; BRIEM-STAMM, A. D.; CANTÍN, M.; LUCENA, J. & BENTKOVSKI, A. Forensic Dentistry I: Bite Marks. Int. J. Odontostomat., 7(1):149-157, 2013.


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