Extranodal Lymphoma of T/NK Cells in Oral Cavity. Case Report in Chile

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 4

Humeres Sigala Carlos; Espinoza Iris; Lillo Felipe; Baksai Karol & Araya Cristobal



Extranodal T / NK cell lymphoma is an aggressive malignant neoplasm characterized by destruction of midline structures of the face such as the palate and nasal fossa. We present the case of a male patient, 48 years old, cocaine user, who consults at the Faculty of Dentistry of the Universidad de Chile in September of 2015 due to symptoms of dysphagia, rhinorrhea and presenting to the clinical examination an ulcerated tumor which compromises hard and soft palate, a month of evolution. Diagnosis of T / NK cell lymphoma is confirmed with a battery of immunohistochemical tests. This pathology, although infrequent, should always be considered within the differential diagnoses in ulcerated tumors of this location.

KEY WORDS: lymphoma, oral manifestations, killers cells.


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HUMERES, S. C.; ESPINOZA, I.; LILLO, F.; BAKSAI, K. & ARAYA, C. Extranodal lymphoma of T / NK cells in oral cavity. Case report in Chile. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(4):398-401, 2019.


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