Evaluation of Periapical Scarring in Apical Surgeries Using MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate). Case – Control

2007 • Volume 1 • Issue 1

Alister, J. P.; Aracena, S.; Hernández, S.; Almeida, A.; Olate, S.



Currently endodonctics therapy represents an important issue, and at present new technological innovations that help in these treatments are appearing. It is possible however, to find cases wherein the solution of these problems is difficult. The present case-control paper shows an apical surgery in the upper maxillary lateral incisive in the same patient using MTA (@Angelus -Brazil) sealer cement in pcs. 1.2 and takes pcs. 2.2 control only with apical surgery without sealer cement. The result at the six month Rx control after the apical surgery showed better apical healing in the pcs. 1.2 with MTA root-end filling, with the homologue pcs. 2.2 that was only treated with apical section.
KEY WORDS: apical surgery, MTA, retrograde filling.


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ALISTER, J. P.; ARACENA, S.; HERNÁNDEZ, S.; ALMEIDA, A. & OLATE, S. Evaluation of periapical scarring in apical surgeries using MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate). Caso-Control. Int. J. Odontostomat., 1(1):59-62, 2007.


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