Enucleation of Odontogenic Cyst with Bone Graft

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 4

Isabella Medeiros Garcia; Fabio Nakao Arashiro; Ellen Cristina Gaetti Jardim & Júlio César Leite da Silva



Periapical cyst originates from an inflammatory reaction in the body that occurs due to a long-term endodontic aggression. It is more prevalent in caucasian male, during the third decade of life, in the anterior portion of the maxilla. They are commonly radiographic findings, due to their asymptomatic aspect. This study reports a Periapical Cyst in the portion corresponding to teeth 21, 22 and 23, which was treated by enucleation of the cyst, apicoectomy and retrograde root filling with Mineral trioxide aggregate (M.T.A) of teeth 21 and 22, filling of the cyst cavity with xenogeneic bone graft GenOx and a collagen membrane Gen-Derm. Observations after three months show good and rapid bone regeneration, periodontal and periapical health of the teeth involved.

KEY WORDS: odontogenic cyst, bone graft, periapical cyst.


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GARCIA, I. M.; ARASHIRO, F. N.; JARDIM, E. C. G. & SILVA, J. C. L. Enucleation of odontogenic cyst with bone graft. Int. J. Odontostomatol 13(4):433-436, 2019.


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