Effect of Sweeteners on Root Dentine Demineralization Using a Microcosm Biofilm Model

2019 • Volume 13 • Issue 1

Aila Maria Cipriano Leal; Fabiana Gouveia Rolim; Marta Almeida Silva; Josie Haydeé Lima Ferreira & Glauber Campos Vale



The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of commercial sweeteners on root dentin demineralization using a microcosm biofilm model. Bovine dentin specimens with pre-determined surface hardness were randomized into six groups according to the studied sweeteners: sucralose, stevia, saccharin, aspartame. Sucrose was used as a positive control and an untreated group as a negative control. The specimens were submitted to biofilm development from one saliva donor and the cariogenic challenge occurred on subsequent five days, twice a day. At the end, the percentage of surface hardness loss (%SHL) and biomass was determined and submitted to ANOVA followed by Tukey’s test. Sucrose presented the highest rate of demineralization, however, all sweeteners tested lead to a statistically higher root demineralization compared to the negative control (p <0.05). Sucrose caused greater demineralization in root dentin, however, the sweeteners were also able to induce it under this biofilm model.

KEY WORDS: sucrose, sweeteners, root dentin.


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LEAL, A. M. C.; ROLIM, F. G.; SILVA, M. A.; FERREIRA, J. H. L. & VALE, G. C. Effect of sweeteners on root dentine demineralization using a microcosm biofilm model. Int. J. Odontostomat., 13(1):93-96, 2019.


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