Dentistry and Ethics: Oversupply and Overtherapy

2018 • Volume 12 • Issue 1

Ramírez, L. M.



This review was conceived with the purpose of analysing the current situation of dentistry in Colombia, The review focuses on the inoperability and deregulation of the state without a regulatory model for an actual health system structure as a principal cause of the professional oversupply and over-treatment. It is divided into two major sections (origins and consequences), which seek to make concomitant situations related. In origins, the ethical issue, the deregulatory and inoperative reality of the professional commands and guilds, the level of evidence humbly translated into daily practice and the necessary professional self-determination that guides a better characterization between the healthy patient and the sick patient trying to restricts the over-treatment that is increasingly close to iatrogeny. In consequences section, some facultative excesses examples that are reflected in redundant therapies without justification that victimizes patients. The change for a better course for the future must originate in the selfdetermination of those conscientious objectors committed with shared responsibility: The Colombian state and its regulatory bodies, academic programs that impact on the conscience of its orientated, and the professional with an intimate meditation and self-criticism that overcomes the therapeutic scenarios in wrong way of the healthy patient.

KEY WORDS: deregulation, inoperability, overtreatment, victimizes, ethics.


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