Dental Caries Experience and Associated Factors Among Brazilian Homeless Persons: A Cross-Sectional Study

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 4

Raissa Marielly Parente Bernardino; Aryvelto Miranda Silva; Jonathan Ferreira Costa; Isaac Torres dos Santos; Raimundo Rosendo Prado Júnior & Regina Ferraz Mendes



The objective of this study was to evaluate the dental caries experience and its associated factors in homeless persons. A non-probabilistic sample of 176 participants (mean age 37.8 years) was included in this cross-sectional study. Interviews and clinical examinations were performed. Dental caries experience was recorded based on the decayed, missing and filled teeth-index (DMFT). The dental caries experience was observed among 98.9 % of participants (mean DMFT 11.0 ± 6.95). Individuals in the “Over 44 years” age groups (PR = 1.4; 95 % CI = 1.1-1.6) and “30 to 36 years” (PR = 1.2; 95 % CI = 1.0 -1.4) had significantly higher caries experience. Individuals who do not brush or brush only 1x/day have 40 % and 20 % higher caries experience, respectively. Homeless persons had a high experience of dental caries, with significant tooth loss. Individuals in the advanced age groups, lack of income and non-achievement or low frequency of tooth brushing are factors associated with a greater experience of the disease in these individuals.

KEY WORDS: homeless persons, dental caries, epidemiology, associated factors.


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BERNARDINO, R. M. P.; SILVA, A. M.; COSTA, J. F.; DOS SANTOS, I. T.; PRADO JÚNIOR, R. R. & MENDES, R. F. Dental caries experience and associated factors among Brazilian homeless persons: a cross-sectional study. Int. J. Odontostomat., 14(4):564-571, 2020.


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