Comparative Analysis of Shear Bond Strength of Steel and Ceramic Orthodontic Brackets Bonded with Six Different Orthodontic Adhesives

2020 • Volume 14 • Issue 4

Thiago Fonseca-Silva; Rejane Pereira Otoni; Ariana Alves Moraes Magalhães; Geisy Michelle Ramos; Taís Rodrigues Gomes; Thiago Motta Rego; Cíntia Tereza Pimenta Araújo & Carolina Carvalho de Oliveira Santos



Orthodontic accessories bonding in tooth enamel has been a critical step since the introduction of direct bonding techniques due to the importance of bracket stability. The aim of this study was to evaluate adhesion strength of different adhesive systems used for bracket bonding on dental surface. The present in vitro study was made from the analysis of shear strength of steel and ceramic brackets bonding with six different types of orthodontic adhesives. The brackets were bonded to 120 human extracted first premolar teeth with Orthocem®, Orthocem® + Ambar Universal® primer, Orthobond Plus®, Biofix®, Transbond XT®, Ortholink VLC®. Shear strength tests were performed on a universal testing machine EZ-Test-Shimadzu® and the data were analyzed using ANOVA test with Post-Hoc Bonferroni and 95 % statistical significance (p <0.05). Transbond XT® and Ortholink VLC® resin values showed greater shear resistance for steel brackets bonding and Transbond XT® and Orthobond Plus® adhesives showed better adhesion results for ceramic brackets bonding.

KEY WORDS: Adhesion; Orthodontics; Orthodontic adhesives; Shear bond strength.


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FONSECA-SILVA, T.1; OTONI, R. P.; MAGALHÃES, A. A. M.; RAMOS, G. M.; GOMES, T. R.; REGO, T. M.; ARAÚJO, C. T. P. & SANTOS, C. C. O. Comparative analysis of shear bond strength of steel and ceramic orthodontic brackets bonded with six different orthodontic adhesives. Int. J. Odontostom. 14(4):658-663, 2020.


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