Adhesive Systems: Considerations About Solvents

2009 • Volume 3 • Issue 2

Jovito Adiel Skupien; Tathiane Larissa Lenzi; Marciano Freitas Borges; Jeferson da Costa Marchiori; Rachel de Oliveira Rocha; Alexandre Henrique Susin; Tissiana Bortolotto & Ivo Krejci



By definition, solvents are substances capable to dissolve or disperse one or more substances. They are responsible for dilution of resin monomers, improving its diffusion throughout the demineralized dentin matrix and represent an important role in removing moisture from the substrate during the evaporation. Usually, the solvents used in adhesive systems are water, ethanol and acetone. To improve bonding in dental structure, there are some kinds of strategies of application to reach a better performance of adhesive systems. Some strategies seem to be favorable to obtain maximum benefit from the solvents, such as active application, increase of application time, increase of the number of adhesive layers and increase of time of application of air-jet. However, studies that perform a better adhesion at long-term must be achieved.

KEY WORDS: solvents, dental adhesives, dentin.


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SKUPIEN, J. A.; LENZI, T. L.; BORGES, M. F.; MARCHIORI, J. C.; ROCHA, R. O.; SUSIN, A. H.; BORTOLOTTO, T. & KREJCI, I. Adhesive systems: Considerations about solvents. Int. J. Odontostomat., 3(2):119-124, 2009.


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