Evid Manzur Guevara; Oskar Eduardo Prada Vidarte & Flor Delicia Heredia Llatas


Dentistry against the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been classified as the practice that carries more risk compared to other professions in the field of health, especially since the field of work is the oral cavity, exposing itself to different pathogens that could putting the lives of dentists at risk, and in the face of COVID-19 this worrying reality is exposed, so at the international and local level dental care protocols have been restructured. The objective of this study is to raise awareness of the need to prevent morbidity and mortality due to cross infections, through a safe space, with the strict application of biosafety for all those who participate in the stomatological consultation. The present review has found coincidences of criteria, as well as universal recommendations in the prevention of cross infections and management of safety in the face of the risk of contagion.

KEY WORDS: Biosafety, stomatology, cross infection, care protocols, risk in dentistry.

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MANZUR, G. E.; PRADA, V. O. E. & HEREDIA, L. F. D. Biosecurity in stomatology services, a systematic review. Int. J. Odontostomat. 17(3):281-287, 2023.