Daniela Chamba-León; Pablo Ruiz-Maila; Marx Italo Bravo Muñoz; Hugo Guamán Roldán; Martín Díaz Vintimilla; Viviana Guallpa Gómez & Diego Mauricio Bravo-Calderón


Oral mucosal melanoma is an unusual and aggressive malignant tumor that mainly affects the palate of men aged between 50 and 60 years. We present a literature review focusing on the etiopathogenesis and the clinicopathologic features of this entity. In addition, we reported a rare case of an oral mucosal melanoma arising in the left cheek of a 60-year-old man. Computed tomography scan revealed infiltration of the tumor to other anatomic structures including the maxillary sinus, the zygomatic bone and the pterygoid processes. Based on its extension, the lesion was considered inoperable and treatment with three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy was proposed but the patient only attended to the first session and died from cancer progression 6 months after the diagnosis. This paper reinforces the importance of inclusion of this malignant tumor in the differential diagnosis of pigmented lesions of the oral mucosa.

KEY WORDS: mucosal melanoma, pigmented lesion, oral mucosa, oral cancer, case report.

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CHAMBA-LEÓN, D.; RUIZ-MAILA, P.; BRAVO, M. M. I.; GUAMÁN, R. H.; DÍAZ, V. M.; GUALLPA, G. V. & BRAVO-CALDERÓN, D. M. Oral mucosal melanoma: A case report and literature review. Int. J. Odontostomat., 16(2):331-336, 2022.