BACHMANN, H.; CÁCERES, R.; MUÑOZ, C. & URIBE, S. Complications during third molar surgery between the years 2007 – 2010 In an urban hospital, Chile. Int. J. Odontostomat., 8(1):107-112, 2014.

ABSTRACT: The objective of the present study was to report on the prevalence of complications in patients undergoing third molar surgery in the maxillofacial service at the Base Hospital in Valdivia, Chile between 2007 and 2010. An observational cross-sectional study was conducted and clinical records of patients treated between January 1, 2007 and December 30, 2010 were reviewed. Patients who had undergone one or more third molar surgery in the Base Hospital of Valdivia, patients who had not presented any systemic underlying condition that increased the risk of complications were considered as inclusion criteria. Illegible medical records were excluded as were those cases that did not include postsurgical evolution records. Of the 777 patients treated for third molar surgery, 679 patients were considered for analysis, of this group 75 patients 11 % had complications. The male / female ratio was 1:1.67. The most frequent complications were edema 5.7% followed by pain, 3.5% and alveolitis 2.4%. These complications comprise 80% of all complications reported. Less common complications were postoperative bleeding and phlegmon. The prevalence of hospital complications in third molar surgery is 11%. This prevalence is similar to that reported in other countries. The most frequent complications reported were edema, pain and alveolitis. Therefore, this information should be taken into consideration when performing this surgical procedure.

KEY WORDS: third molar, complications, dental extraction, oral surgery, prevalence.




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