VALENZUELA, H. M. & OLIVA, M. P. Regeneration efficacy of platelet-rich fibrin in patients undergoing periodontal surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Int. J. Odontostomat., 8(1):21-28, 2014.

ABSTRACT: Periodontal surgery seeks for tissue regeneration. There is a new grafting material called platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), with multiple properties and one of them is regeneration. This study aimed to assess the regeneration efficacy of Platelet-rich fibrin in periodontal surgery. Were performed several computerized literature searches for randomized controlled trials (RCTs). That evaluated regeneration efficacy in hard and/or soft tissues of autologous PRF in periodontal surgery were used, the methodological quality of them was assessed. The concept of efficacy for soft tissue were considered the outcome of mean gain of probing depth (PD) and mean gain of clinical attachment level (CAL) and for hard tissues the outcome of percentage of bone fill. The data was obtain from the included original articles and entered in the Review Manager (RevMan). There were only 11 RCTs that meet the inclusion criteria assessing clinical efficacy in maxillofacial area in human, of those only 6 studies were able to do the meta-analysis. The articles show an increased of 1.02 mm with a CI (0.85, 1.19) of PD over the control, an increased of 0.73 mm with a CI (0.58, 0.89) of CAL over the control, and a 44.15% with a CI (42.37, 45.93) over the control group. The regeneration efficacy of Platelet-rich fibrin in periodontal surgery is real. We recommend it use, however further research is necessary in order to obtain more information about this biomaterial.

KEY WORDS: platelet-rich fibrin, periodontal surgery, periodontal regeneration.




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